Companion Care Services in Dillsburg, PA

Do you have an elderly loved one who seems lonely, isolated, or otherwise lacking social contact? If your loved one lives in the Dillsburg area, companion care services from Preferred HealthStaff could be the solution. We are proud to offer companion care services for the elderly in Dillsburg, PA and the surrounding communities. This care program offers company, conversation, and social support for seniors, all in the comfort of our clients’ homes.

Companion care can be a lifeline for socially isolated seniors in Dillsburg. While many people think senior isolation is a minor problem, this is far from the case. Isolated seniors face greater risks to their emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being than other seniors. By spending time with seniors in the comfort of their homes, companion care providers limit the risks and impact of isolation.

Companion Care Services for the Elderly

Social lives change as we grow older. Age-related changes can make it hard to maintain close relationships and regular human contact. Seniors with physical challenges find it hard to leave their home. Retirement cuts off seniors from the daily interactions of their professional lives. Older adults and their children may be hundreds of miles apart, separated by job offers, new relationships, or a retirement move.

If seniors become socially isolated, the effects can be devastating. Emotional and mental well-being can suffer. Seniors who are feeling isolated have less fun, feel less purpose, and neglect self-care. As their emotional and physical health worsens, no one is there to support them, notice warning signs of decline, or encourage medical visits.

Companion care from Preferred HealthStaff solves many of these problems for Dillsburg’s isolated seniors. Our caregivers offer regular, person-to-person contact, giving seniors a partner for conversation, card games, hobbies, and reminiscing. Companion care services for the elderly also ensure that someone is there to lend a helping hand, monitor seniors’ health, and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Even seniors with healthy social lives can benefit from companion care services. If your loved one wants a partner for daily walks, a little assistance when running errands, or simply likes having someone to talk to, our caregivers are happy to help. Dillsburg seniors are also safer with companion care services for the elderly. A caregiver’s presence can stop burglars, fraudsters, and other predators from targeting your loved one and we will be there to ensure a quick response in the event of an emergency.

Dillsburg’s Companion Care Providers

Preferred HealthStaff is the trusted source for companion care in Dillsburg and its surrounding communities. Our customized approach means your loved one will get the services they need, on a schedule that fits their lifestyle. Companion care services for the elderly can be combined with any of the other care programs we offer to seniors in the Dillsburg area. For a free companion care consultation, call (717) 432-2354 today.